Dental Bonding

Dr. Rasmussen uses modern bonding materials and methods which act as a long-term replacement for missing enamel and dentin, providing durable protection and enhancement for your teeth and smile.
What is dental bonding?
Dental bonding is the application of a strong, natural-looking resin onto the surface of damaged teeth.
What does it do?
Fixes chipped, mishaped, cracked, discolored teeth and can also cover and protect exposed tooth roots.
How long does Dental Bonding take?
Average process is done in 2 hours between two visits within 2 weeks
How long does dental bonding last?
With proper care, they usually lasts three to seven years; much less than Dental Veneers (10-30 years).
Whether your teeth are stained, cracked, or mildly misaligned, cosmetic dental bonding can often be used to restore a beautiful smile quickly and inexpensively.
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A modern method of Dental Bonding:

Here at Vashon Dental, our clinic director and resident dental surgeon, Dr. Leif Rasmussen oversees and matches every single composite resin to the rest of your teeth to seamlessly blend in and cover any imperfections while utilizing the most modern advancements in both materials and adhesion methods which are long-lasting and safe. Before you know it, you can have the smile you’ve been waiting for.

“Dr. Rasmussen is friendly, professional, and has a great staff. Highly recommended.”
J. S., Vashon Island, WA

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