Dental Crowns

Also referred to as "caps," a Dental Crown can preserve and support your smile by encasing a tooth in custom material. Dr. Rasmussen may decide to use this form of treatment to aid in a variety of dental situations.
What is Dental Crown?
A Dental Crown is a tooth-shaped cap that restores a decayed, broken, weak or worn-down tooth.
What do they do?
Fixes cracked, decayed, and/or chipped teeth.
How long do Dental Crowns take?
Two seperate 1-hour appointments.
How long do dental crowns last?
With good oral hygiene, they can last up to 30 years.
We all want a great, healthy smile. However, often when it comes to achieving this goal, the need for some restoration comes into play. When damage such as a cracked or decayed tooth occurs, it can seriously impact the functionality and overall oral health.
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Confident, natural-looking, and safe:

A crown can serve several different purposes. Covering the tooth's visible portion above the gumline can shield and support weak or damaged teeth. It can also serve as a therapeutic agent for worn-down teeth by building its shape, size, and appearance. To see if this is the best solution for you, reach out to us today for an appointment.

“By far the best dentist I have ever gone to. I would recommend them over and over again. After having so much poor dental work, these guys saved my mouth! I always leave there so happy and pain free, don’t settle for second rate dental work, you’ll end up paying for it down the line. I won’t see anyone else if I have a choice!”
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