holistic Dentistry
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What is holistic Dentistry?

Treating the mouth as it applies to the whole body and person, not as a separate part. We must think of the whole person when treating dental issues.
Eliminating harmful chemicals discharged to our water system keeping our water clean and local wildlife happy. We all share our island’s resources.
We strive to reduce single use products and plastics lessening our impact on both wildlife and environment. What we keep out of our landfills can not end up in our oceans and forests.
When we consider our actions and reduce our negative impact on the ecology, we can make a difference for years to come.


We maintain expectations set by our patients in both quality and longevity of our treatments and procedures, as well as their safety and wellbeing. In the past, many dental offices used single use disposable plastics. We have reduced the amount of single use plastics and switched to biodegradable and reusable products. We think long term with what we provide and the downstream environmental effects of our daily servicing of patients.

  • Ensure mercury-free and metal-free fillings and crowns
  • No use of inferior materials for purposes of internal cost-cutting
  • Reduction of our impact on the environment in all aspects of our practice
Supporting Vashon Ecology
“Being raised in Tacoma and a student of the University of Washington and Washington State University has made me completely aware of the changes seen across our state over the past 40 years, which is why I have devoted daily practices targeted at preserving our beautiful region and it's residents. This has been our belief and daily practice here at Vashon Dental since I first became Clinic Director of the practice in 2006. I vow to keep this in mind for both our patients and our fragile ecology.”
Leif Rasmussen, DDS and Clinic Director

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Memberships & Affiliates

Dr. Rasmussen holds many memberships and works with certified affiliates in our community and are happy to consult with you about the best options for you, or to provide referrals to local providers as needed.
Delta Dental
American Dental Association
Ego Dentistry
Washington State Dental Association
Seattle King County Dental Society
University of Washington School of Dentistry
Beta Healthcare Group
Vashon Island Chamber of Commerce
Vashon Center for the Arts